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Specialist in floor wipes

As third generation cleaning professionals, we know what we’re talking about if it comes to wiping floors. Starting a factory in wipes was a logical step. All our cleaning knowledge is focused on giving the required result: spotless floors.

In 1982, Mr. Hermen de Kreij and his wife Mrs. Adri de Kreij-Eerland, decided to produce single-use cloths. Experienced in cleaning, owning a over 200 people cleaning company, they realized that removing dust was the first and most important action in hygiene.

Initially the production was done by hand, cutting and packing, but soon Mr. de Kreij build his first machine in the garage of their home.

Over the years, Hewitex Nederland BV has grown to be a leading company in developing wipes for all surfaces and all applications and machines to produce these.  

Today, the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. de Kreij, Diana and Els de Kreij, are the owning managers of Hewitex. Diana and Els both started their carrier in healthcare. Together, they have over fifty years of experience in converting non-woven. Together with a dedicated staff of thirty people they continue to do what they do best: manufacturing wipes people love to clean with.

One of the key factors at Hewitex is the development of machinery. In the tradition their parents started, Diana and Els combine the knowledge they inhereted from their parents with modern processes, to uptimize production.

Making wipes should be easy, is the slogan.  

We offer the best support for cleaning activities by developing, producing and delivering single use non-woven wipes. In close cooperation with our clients and suppliers we manufacture top products people love to work with.



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