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Do you need fast, thorough and hygienic dust removal? Without having to worry about cross infection?

Hewitex has developed a range of single-use dust removal wipes for the professional cleaner. Electrostatic, or impregnated with a sticky moisture. Suitable for all hard floors and other surfaces.

Not impregnated

Dust Index >1,5

For spaces where impregnated cloths can’t be used, Hewitex offers a range of products that attract dust using static electricity.

These electrostatic wipes, available in various materials and grammages, are especially suitable for uneven floors, where dust gathers in holes, gaps and seams. Available flat packed, folded or on perforated rolls.

Oil impregnated

Dust Index >2 <3

Daily dust removal with oil impregnated cloths is fast, hygienic, ergonomic and inexpensive.

Hewitex produces oil impregnated cloths in dry weights between 14 g/m² and 45 g/m². The cloths are packed flat or folded in a reclosable bag that prevents them from drying out.

Glue impregnated

Dust Index >3,5: the champ

Witex 2040 is the absolute dust-trapping champ. The structure and adhesive impregnation ensure that dust and heavier particles get trapped by the cloth and stay trapped, even when lifted up.

The cover for flexible dusting tools makes it possible to remove dust from inaccessible surfaces.

Your own brand?

Contact us for the possibilities. We also convert your own materials with or without in combination with ours.